Don Roth’s Blackhawk Restaurant was  well known not only for the delicious Prime Rib but also the wonderful Spinning Salad Bowl. The waitstaff brought the salad makings to the table and set the bowl of greens on a bed of ice and started spinning it while adding the rest of the ingredients.

The restaurant recently closed after 40 years at this location. It was in a 150-year-old farm house that needed a lot of repairs. Don Roth’s widow is now 90 and wanted to close the family on an upnote.

The food will definitely be missed!!



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7 responses to “Icon

  1. I love your description of the spinning salad. That’s would be worth going for! How sad that the restaurant closed but wise of the owner to want to go out strong. Did you think about converting to black & white? It might enhance the somber occasion.

  2. That says it all, what a shame. Besides work being slow the economy has taken a toll on our “Met Museum”, heard on the news that due to lack of funding they closed the doors yesterday.

  3. perfect photo of the sign-clear, crisp

  4. Always sorry to see good food go away. Bet it will be replaced by a gas station, car lot or fast food. That’s what happens where I live.

  5. Tammy McChesney

    Another sad sign of the times…I especially hate when these old family businesses are forced to close their doors!

  6. Nothing like a down-home steak house to set my tummy to rumbling!

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