Icon B/W

Per Julie’s suggestion I went back to the drawing board and used B&W to create a more somber mood. What do you think?



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11 responses to “Icon B/W

  1. I have to agree with the others, I like the b&w version better.

  2. Frank Abramonte

    Yes, Constructive critism really works!!
    That’s if one is smart enough to use it.
    The B/W tells the story.

  3. And coming even later just to agree that the b/w works great. An icon indeed, it was a big deal to go there when I was a kid.

  4. Chiming in later still…….I LOVE this in b & w! The sky looks more interesting and the focus is entirely on the sign. Really great processing!

  5. Chiming in a little late and going along with the crowd. The B&W makes more of a statement. It’s also a chance to play with PSE…never a bad thing, right?

  6. Mary Lou

    Thanks everyone!! I like it much better in B&W just as Julie suggested. I got so excited that the sun was out and the sky was blue for 5 mins. that I never thought about B&W!!

    Constructive critism really works!!

  7. I missed the color shot yesterday, so saw both of them on the same day. I agree that the b/w creates the mood for the restaurant’s closing. Nice shot!

  8. Tammy McChesney

    I have to admit, I like this one better too, it is not so bright and cheery, the treatment definitely sets a mood! Nice!

  9. boomer3297

    Listen to Julie, she’s got some great ideas, just look at her shots. I agree, as most would know that I love B+W, that this image is much better with no color.

  10. Well, that was nice of you to take my suggestion! I do prefer the black & white for the reason Karen mentioned. And, you did a really nice job on the conversion (which is not always easy to get right, at least for me!). I like the subtly contrasted clouds especially.

  11. I think Julie’s suggestion was good and your treatment works. The lack of color makes you think more about the sign and the image without the distraction of the sky and other colors.

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