Maybe you are fooled and maybe you’re not. It is snowing and dreary outside today as it is in many places. I liked this shot because it is “natural” selective color!! I did make some minor edits but color was not one of them.



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15 responses to “Fooled

  1. Very nice shot. I would definitely have thought this was selective color.

  2. You have some swanky neighbors! The red really pops out of the white snow, doesn’t it? Nicely done!

  3. Nice catch! It does look like you’ve restored color to portions of a b & w image!

  4. What a peaceful image. The composition is amazing. I agree that if not for the brick you might think it was B&W.

  5. This is so pretty, I love the color pop of the brick. Nice shot!

  6. Love it Mary Lou. Great capture and there is almost an arc in the gate!

  7. Nice Mary Lou. Very nice gate.

  8. What they said! Nice place you have too.

  9. Beautiful shot….love the rows of tall trees. Makes me want to go for a walk there. I also love the symmetry here.

  10. If not for the brickwork you might think the image was B&W, great composition!!

  11. Tammy McChesney

    Mary Lou, I love the contrast between the stark white and the red and also how the road leads us through the photograph…love when nature presents these selective colored scenes for us already completed! Really nice one!

  12. danudin

    The snow lining on all the top surfaces, especially on the curved gate is superb, and the red-white contrast is stunning.

  13. boomer3297

    Yes, I do like the coloring of the shot and the alignment of all the features.

  14. That’s pretty much what our scenery looks like now too. Lots of white, accented by the occasional pop of color. I like your ‘faux’ selective color and I like the symmetry in your shot.

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