Stars and Stripes

This image was from our snow storm last week. The beauty of the flag against the falling snow caught my eye.

I used a levels adjustment to bump up the white and the White Soft Filter in OnOne 3.

Any thoughts on how to make this a better image would be appreciated.



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10 responses to “Stars and Stripes

  1. Should have said too, I wish this were my photo. I’d frame it!

  2. This is really beautiful, Mary Lou.

    I think you might be able to increase the lightness just a bit more. I copied your image and took it into Lightroom where I increased exposure +.70 (less than a full stop) and the flag popped just that much more and I still had the sense of the whiteout condition. I think a crop which takes the top down just above the level of the trees and eliminates the fence jutting out on the right brings the photo into better balance. I don’t think Elements has the same tool to help with cropping that Lightroom has, but I placed a couple of the crop overlay tools over your image after I cropped and the elements of the photo seemed to fit the triangle overlay. I’m going to include a link to an article for people who might be interested in looking at the various overlays for composing – you can envision them if you don’t have Lightroom!

  3. Tammy McChesney

    Composition perfect. love your use of selective coloring in this….it makes that flag pop! LOVE this one Mary Lou!

  4. I love the boldness of the colors of the flag against the background. I would have to agree with the cropping as well. But a very nice shot.

  5. I like the bold colors against the stark backdrop. I think I would have cropped the picture tighter in camera, or afterwards, to eliminate some of the blank sky area.

  6. boomer3297

    Nice colors against the dreary background, would you consider cropping some of the featureless sky?

  7. Love the contrast you have here. The barely visible background gives you the feel for the snow coming down. Since the flag is so close to the ground I would have prefered to see it more towards the top of this image.

  8. I agree about the beauty of the colors against the snow. Very pretty.

  9. I don’t understand the angle of the flag or pole head, as it is it is beautiful, I will be watching the replies you get.

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