Stars and Stripes EDIT

Thanks, your suggestions were needed!! I definitely see a big difference by cropping more of the sky and not cropping as much of the foreground. I made it a little lighter and tried to sharpen the flag a little more. I’m also including the original.

I’m trying really hard not to buy LR!!





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15 responses to “Stars and Stripes EDIT

  1. regularman

    Look at the varied comments your crop generated Mary Lou. That’s a great demonstration of how subjective art can be.

    It’s really a hard photo to crop, and the difficulty is compounded by it being a wonderful shot SOOC. For my money I’d straighten it to the horizon in the distance, and (as Julie mentioned) the vertical drop of the flag. The field is rolling so if the fence is half a bubble off plumb I can handle it. As far as the crop, I’d leave a bit more of the sky and the gate in as I think they are part of the story, and cut out the roadway in the foreground. Maybe even a horizontal crop??

    In any case it’s all in the eye of the beholder, and you’ve certainly got a winning photo. Congrats!!

  2. A beautiful photo made even better with your cropping – superb!

  3. The cropped version is even better than the original!

  4. Mary Lou,
    I really like your improvements as compared to the original and I have done some more editing and would like to show you. Do you mind? It’s with a small copied version so the quality is limited.
    I normally wouldn’t do this but I really like the image. Is you’d like where can I send it?

  5. The edited version is really great. Nice job.

  6. Love the repetition of the stripes in the flag and lines of the fence. The cropping brings more focus to the flag and makes the backround a bit more interesting with those 2 trees off to the left. Great shot!

  7. Missed the original original, but I really like what you’ve done with the crop. Fabulous find for a photo!

  8. Tammy McChesney

    What a difference a little cropping made, this is fantastic ( as was the original)…I always straighten w/ the horizon too!

  9. You made us flag fanatics proud.

  10. I like the slightly lighter touch and the crop. Either version, though, is print worthy!

    Your crop did raise a question that I often face in my photos. How do each of you determine a level or straight photo? Notice the snowline in the distant background of the shot. My liking for neatness just taunts me to level based on that, yet there’s the fenceline and angle of the flag itself to contend with as well.

    • I always straighten according to the horizon. This land is uneven so it was hard to determine the amount of straightening to do.

      • In this shot, the actual horizon is obscured by the line of trees and the field is probably gently sloping. I think the best way to align this one would be with a strong vertical line instead. But, to complicate it, the two trees in the back aren’t on the same vertical. I’d go with the vertical line of the flag – drawn from the top left corner of the flag and down to the point at the bottom. Gravity would have made that a vertical, wouldn’t it?

  11. I is such a wonderful shot to start with but I see an improvement with the crop! 😉

    I’m sending you my fix via Facebook so you can compare…

  12. This went from a good shot to an amazing Photo. What a difference a little editing can do. Great Job.

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