This apple pancake is from our favorite pancake house and is the best!! Not only is it filled with lots of apples, cinnamon and butter but the top is covered in crispy brown sugar and butter. It is unbelievably delicious but not very healthy!!



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14 responses to “Edible

  1. That looks absolutely Yummy! I’ll have one a those :O)

  2. Mmmmm – I was ready to show up for Sunday Brunch until I found out this wouldn’t be on your table – tasty shot!

  3. boomer3297

    A restaurant in NJ? Which one?

  4. This looks absolutely fabulous. YUMMY!!! I think it’s tough to take good photos of food…you got this one nailed! (How did you have the will power to wait to eat it until after you clicked the shutter??)

  5. Is it really a pancake? It looks so thick! And delicous! And unhealthy! Do you have a recipe????

  6. Yummieeee…. when I get a chance I splurge….

  7. Tammy McChesney

    OMGosh, this looks incredible! With Scott being diabetic we don’t hardly ever eat pancakes – this looks more like a cinnamon roll to me…..send one my way!

  8. Man those look good!! I made some the other day but would not dare to post what they look like compared to these!

  9. I didn’t know that Llamas ate pancakes.

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