What’s left of this sunflower was swaying back and forth in the wind on this freezing cold day.

I cropped this image and added a vignette.



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8 responses to “Cold

  1. I kind of like the vignette – it focuses attention on the subject. @Lesli…you can have any or all of the snow from up here that you like. Just tell us where to send it… 😀

  2. Love how the warm browns in the flower compliment the background browns too. You might be able to bring them up a notch, you dont have too though, it does reminds me of a bees nest a little.

  3. This does a nice job of illustrating the stark aspect of a cold winter day. I like the mix of texture in the sunflower with the soft tones of the image.

  4. I really like this! Nice depth of field and the tones are all so soft and pleasing. I don’t mind the vignette because, really, snow often does look a bit gray.

  5. Tammy McChesney

    That dried sunflower looks like a white beehive to me! LOL Love the textures in this, beautiful in it’s own way!

  6. Lesli

    I like this, but I am wondering if the vignette doesn’t make some of the snow look too gray?? Just thinking out loud. You are so lucky to have such great snow to work with – it beat all the brown around here – and all the same color brown – haha. Inside the sunflower shows great texture too.

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