Another dreary day in the Midwest. That being said my photograph is dreary. I would appreciate any input to perk up this photograph.

I liked this shot because there are a number of different patterns visible on the barn.


Levels adjustment and sharpened

Sky add to second image

EXIF Auto ~ Lens 18-135 ~ f/4.4 ~ White Balance Auto. My goal is to start shooting Aperture Priority



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8 responses to “Patterns

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  2. Great job with the processing. It really brightened up the photo.

  3. The sky is a great addition. It might be fun to try to add an old “mural” on the side as an overlay, if you are stuck inside some cold, snowy afternoon and want to play around…

  4. Is it possible to bring in the colors of the barn a bit? I like the addition of the blue sky, although the barn looks a little b/w. Maybe all b/w or stronger color. I like the composition a lot.

  5. Hi Mary!
    A good example of how you have done step by step in image editing. It’s fun to see the original image so you have nothing to compare with.
    Have a nice weekend

  6. That’s a great old barn and you’re right, lots of textures there. Thanks for including all the versions – it’s very helpful to see where it started along with where it ended up. I know you didn’t ask about composition, but I’m itching to see it in it’s entirety. Did you get a wider angle too?

    Good job on the use of aperture priority – you nailed the exposure perfectly.

  7. Tammy McChesney

    The addition of the sky was a great idea – it brightened the whole mood of the barn….I wonder what that image would look like in a black and white w/ some contrast added….might make it a bit more dramatic? Nice work and I loved seeing your work step by step!

  8. Just looking at that barn I would stand with my arm touching the the closest corner visible, both left and right, the texture the drama the perspective should blow you away!

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