The layers of paint are continuing to peel off on this abandoned house.

B&W enhanced and image cropped.



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8 responses to “Layers

  1. I love the blue in this shot. It jumps right out at you.

  2. Lots of layers here and the blue really pops against the monotones of the shot!

  3. Great job with the selective color. I love it.

  4. Wonderful job on the selective color – but I’m not sure what the object is. A kiddie swimming pool? A waiting-to-be-submerged koi pond?

  5. Great catch for the layers theme!

  6. I like the abandoned, neglected feeling about this – the splash of blue really adds a nice touch.

  7. Bobbie

    Nice–that blue adds to the inherent sense of chill.

  8. Tammy McChesney

    Love this – I think the black and white enhanced the peeling paint that much more – I also LOVE that splash of color! Great composition!

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