Friday Photowalk Tip #1 ~ Patterns and Textures

Although the temperature is 15F the sun is out and shining brightly. I decided to go to the forest preserve and see what I could find. In less than 10 minutes I found what I was looking for. Good thing because I was freezing!!



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8 responses to “Friday Photowalk Tip #1 ~ Patterns and Textures

  1. Well done Mary Lou! What a great example of the variety you can find when you look around for one single topic.

  2. You braved the cold temps and were rewarded for it–great finds of the textures and patterns!

  3. Great Job Mary Lou — love the effect with them all on one page — you caught it all! I can tell you it’s on 15 here and I won’t be going out into the forest.

  4. I went out yesterday, too…that sun looked warmer than it was! I really like that spring-thing left center. You really found many textures! Like Ron, I find it interesting that you came upon so many man-made objects in the forest preserve.

  5. boomer3297

    You are bold, too cold for my likings……. nice textures too!

  6. Terrific montage of textures, Mary Lou! My fav is the spirally thing with the rust patch below it. Well done!

  7. Tammy McChesney

    Wonderful layout of textures – especially like that Dump No Waste raised letters, creative take on the theme! I am glad you were out there only for 10 minutes….I don’t want a frozen Mary Lou! 🙂

  8. Only You Mary Lou would go out into the forest to gather evidence of man – I love it and wish I was that clever. I also envy you your montage skills. Wonderful Thank you. I will wait a year or two to put this stolen idea into practice, just out of respect!

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