While at the nature museum the other day I saw this gorgeous pink spot on one of the butterflies. When enlarged it appears that this butterfly was staring at me!!



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12 responses to “Pink

  1. Stopping by after following the Mr. Linky link. This is a lovely photo – the wings are so delicate! Fabulous bokeh as well.

  2. This is beautiful. What a wonderful shot. I love the composition and the bokah.

  3. Lesli

    This is such a beautiful shot. I would love to know the EXIF on this one – very nice.

  4. Beautiful shot! So sharp. Was this in the butterfly house in Lincoln Park?

  5. Great detail and good eye to catch the pink!

  6. Tammy McChesney

    Love the darker pink outline on this beauty…what color were you wearing? Whatever it was, this guy looks interested! 🙂

  7. Great detail and bokeh here, beautiful butterfly and a fantastic shot!

  8. It does have an inquisitive look. Very nice detail.

  9. What a fantastic capture! You have lots of detail and a lovely bokeh. I like how the butterfly is perched just on the edge of the leaf – it looks like it is just waiting for you to make a wrong move and it’s outta there…

  10. After reading Ron`s post, I believe this is another one of those “Spy” critters. Colorful none the less, and that may serve a purpose, but keep it away from me.

  11. Great catch! Beautiful detail and nice bokeh.

  12. Very beautiful – I love how the pink is subtle and you can see all the lines of the wings with in the pink. Great shot.

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