What Is It?

Great guesses!! A Microplane grater/zester it is!!



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15 responses to “What Is It?

  1. I would have to guess a shredder as well though I think that is to simple of an answer.

  2. Tammy McChesney

    Looks like Julie wins the prize!

  3. Love the shadow! Well done. I have one and I love it too.

  4. boomer3297

    thingamajiggy with a shadow?

  5. Is it a pattern on a sauce pan handle?

  6. My thought was nutmeg grater too, I really like the shadows.

  7. Just in case you are trying to fool us, I will say a remote control.

  8. That is an awesome shot of a microplane grater. I think you were really creative to capture the shadow the way you did. The black & white is perfect too…

  9. It looks like a VERY cool shot of that thing Rachel Ray uses to grate nutmeg into her greens, so her dinner guests will say… “Hmmm…what IS that?”

  10. That looks like a microplane zester! I love mine!

  11. Bobbie

    A grater. I like the shadow effect.

  12. Tammy McChesney

    A cheese shredder? Very cool image regardless!

  13. I think it is the gas grill distribution wing! You know the piece that the gas flows thru!

  14. Grater; or not?? Maybe a file?

  15. Looks like a grater though horribly thin! Great shadow.

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