Patterns Redo After Comments

Several weeks ago there were several suggestions about possible changes to my Patterns post. There was also a request to see the image in it’s entirety. It took me a while to make the changes but here they are!!

Color Boosted

Black and White

Full Frame



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5 responses to “Patterns Redo After Comments

  1. Great series of shots for comparison. I love the long shot. Being raised on a ranch, I feel that the silo and trees are just part of the composition. Power lines are always a pain and I still like the long shot. Love the foreground texture and contrast, too! Just a tad off the bottom and top and I am a happy camper with this neat shot!

  2. I like seeing the full series too. Unlike Julie and Esther, I wouldn’t have cropped, I would have just cloned out those slightly distracting areas in the background. Thanks for posting the series.

  3. I agree with Tammy about the blue sky. It diminishes your theme of patterns.

    If I were playing with the photo, I think I would have cropped it from the left edge and continued half-way (or three-quarters) down the building…eliminating the power line and erasing the electric tower from above the trees and including some of the field in the foreground. It seems to me a better balance of the image. None of this stresses your theme, however; so you are welcome to ignore it!

  4. I’m really glad you came back with the full frame shot. Now I’m happy! I see why you cropped – to eliminate the tank thing attached to the barn on the right and the electricity tower on the left. Would be better without them, darnit! But what I like about this shot is the zigzag of the fence line leading the eye towards the barn and also the softness of the fogged in trees in the distance. I’d probably just do a bit more of a crop on the bottom to get rid of the dark triangle of the road and some on the left to take out the power line there. What a great old barn…

  5. Tammy McChesney

    I really like the bottom perspective of the full frame….but it doesn’t show off the rich textures…I do have to say, I think I like it best in black and white (and not because I suggested it, well maybe LOL)…I think it draws the attention to the textures and details, whereas my eyes go straight to the blue sky in the colored version. I enjoyed seeing the different perspectives, thanks for sharing!

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