Very small chocolate cappuccino cups with white chocolate topping. They sure looked yummy!!



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11 responses to “Chocolate

  1. These look scrumptious. Where can I get some? LoL Great shot.

  2. Yum – where’s mine? I’m checking the mailbox!!! I love the way you filled the frame and captured the light on these.

  3. boomer3297

    These look like something that my wife would have to have!

  4. Wow – those really look tasty!

  5. Little treat, big taste, all the layers show great detail and of course look yummy.

  6. I’m not even going to LOOK for fear of ruining my diet! Your composition and depth of field really play up the appeal of these treats…

  7. Tammy McChesney

    OMG… mouth is watering! You should have met with us today – and brought those with you! LOL I’m going to be dreaming chocolate cappuccino tonight!

  8. I`ll take half a dozen or so.

  9. Looks great, bet the taste was pretty much the same

  10. Too Cute to eat – As if!

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