The Picasso was sculpted by Pablo Picasso, stands 50 feet tall and was dedicated in 1967. It is in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. When we were there the sun was behind the tall buildings that surround the Picasso making the lighting somewhat of a problem.



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7 responses to “Metal

  1. This looks great! Last time I saw this, it was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks hockey helmet! :-O

  2. The building does have a cool almost fish eye look, nice shot. I vaguely remember the controversy about it. I definitely remember climbing around on it. Funny everyone loves it now…

  3. I think the background really compliments the sculpture – the whole shot says “metal.”

  4. Tammy McChesney

    I love the strong contrasts in this…it really brings out the powerful shapes in the sculpture!

  5. Interesting sculpture and the house with perfect lightning is excellent for background

  6. boomer3297

    Interesting piece, I like the contrast of the subject to the background.

  7. Interesting that nobody really knows what it is meant to represent. It looks like a lion to me.

    I think you did a nice job with the high contrast lighting – you have lots of detail in the metal and I don’t detect blown highlights in the background. In a way the strong sunlight is nice because it helps separate the subject from the background. You know what I really like is the distortion in the building – it has an almost fish-eye look to me.

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