This is not what you think it might be. My first thought was a photography studio… wrong!! It is an upscaled restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop.

Look at the gorgeous cloudless blue sky. Yep we finally got to see the sun!!



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9 responses to “Sepia

  1. I love this one too! Did you ever think of sepia-izing the whole shot? Might be fun…

  2. What’s on the menu? Film fillet? Post-processing pork? Sepia sandwich? Fun find for a fancy photo! 😀 (Awesome sky!!)

  3. Would be a great name for a photobug hangout.

  4. regularman

    Good find for the theme Mary Lou!


  5. Nice geometric and linear elements in this shot. Yay for sun and blue skys too.

  6. Tammy McChesney

    Now that is an unusual restaurant name….I would love to see the menu…bet the interior is very cool!

  7. What a funny name for a restaurant! But, what do I know about upscale? 😉 I love your shot, especially the contrast of the red brick and blue, blue sky.

    How far do you live from the city?

    • Thanks Julie!! We live about 50 miles from downtown Chicago. Bob worked not too far from where this photograph was taken. He took the train as rush hour is not a pretty sight!!

  8. Fun! Now you tricked me everything:-)

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