Need I say anything else!!



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13 responses to “Mouthwatering

  1. regularman

    Beautiful frame-filling shot of delicious!

  2. They look delicious. I believe I’ll go to the fridge and dig out some berries.

  3. I love photos that fill the frame. It’s almost like you are so close you can smell them. Great texture and colors.

  4. absolutely wonderful photo, I love the closeup that fills the whole pic. will be a very long time before I can find any of those in my garden…..

  5. These look SO tasty! Great shot to have us all drooling at once. Is your name really Pavlov?? 😀

  6. Yum indeed- I just nabbed that one out of frame.
    My favorite fruit, even shipped in from Chile or wherever they are delish!

  7. Nice depth of field on these delicious berries! It’s a very yummy image and I like how they just fill the frame.

  8. No!! Just pass them down here. Great image Mary Lou.

  9. Danudin

    I second your words Mary Lou!

  10. Gorgeous! Love that deep red goodness!

  11. Tammy McChesney

    Luscious and mouth watering….man do these look good! The ones in our stores are still icky looking…I am jealous! Love how these fill the frame and how you can almost see the juices oozing out of them! A mouth watering image Mary Lou! 🙂

  12. Mine too. Thanks I can almost taste them.

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