Unexpected ~ Sharpened

There were several comments on the post below about sharpening this image. I tried both the unsharp mask and the high pass filter. Opinions please!!

This is the original and the main reason for cropping.



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8 responses to “Unexpected ~ Sharpened

  1. Great catch…these little guys sure are skittish! I think I like the High Pass a little more. Seems a bit brighter.

  2. boomer3297

    I’m with Julie, unsharp mask looks sharper.

  3. It is hard to tell a difference, but there is a bit of a halo in the high pass version. I think it all comes down to what you are going to do with this handsome guy.

  4. I agree with Tammy, it seems brighter for the colors but a bit darker on the branch and the shadow is less visible. The sharpnesses are similar. I would wonder if a little adjusting to the hue on the 2nd one and maybe a tiny increase to the contrast would equal them up. I only use the unsharp mask when I sharpen, with the settings from Scott Kelby’s Digital Photographer’s book. He suggests using it on every photo whether it needs it or not. Sometimes to do it more than once. If you don’t have those numbers let me know and I will pass them along. I like this photo a lot the bird is beautiful and you really caught the details.

  5. Much better now. The last thing you do before you publish the image on the web, you should use the high pass filter, when the image has a resolution of 72 ppi.
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  6. Honestly, I can’t see too much difference between the two sharpened versions but think unsharp mask looks a bit better (not sure why). I’m not much help!

  7. While the high pass image seems just a tad crisper to me, it also has more in the way of halo; so I favor unsharp mask.

  8. Tammy McChesney

    Both techniques definitely sharpened the image…maybe it’s my eyes or monitor, but I tend to favor the High pass filter…the colors seem to pop a bit more than the other.

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