This is my first image to be processed in Lightroom 2. While I have a very long way to go I’m excited that I figured out how to get this far!!

EDIT: For some reason the image is sharper when enlarged.



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8 responses to “First

  1. Fun image with great colors!!

  2. Great color on what looks a gray day. Great truck too. Have fun with Lightroom , isn’t 3 on it’s way?

  3. The colors just pop! Great picture!

  4. boomer3297

    Lightroom killer tips is a great resource for learning all about LR. Any questions please ask!

  5. Tammy McChesney

    Fantastic colors…awesome job w/ LR, you will soon be addicted!

  6. Is that the first offering for the new seasonfrom Detroit? I’m impressed. Terrific image.

  7. Nice saturated colors! I bet you’re going to love LR as you get to know it………..

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