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9 responses to “Four

  1. I wish I could still do that! Great statue. Good eye.

  2. boomer3297

    Ron, you mean we bend over backwards for them, sometimes and well worth it.

  3. that makes my back feel better! I love your processing, the tones are perfect.

  4. Tammy’s right…it does look a little like Gumby! Fun catch!

  5. I wish I could do that! Its a wonderful piece. The way you processed this make the graceful lines of the sculpture stand out. Just perfect!

  6. Tammy McChesney

    Love this in black and white…so interesting! It looks like Gumby LOL

  7. Exciting. I like the content for the theme…

  8. Interesting statue (is it?) wonder whats the meaning behind… Nice shot for the theme

  9. Women often get men to contort and deport them selves in that way.

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