These are definitely 2 of my addictions…flowers and macro!!



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10 responses to “Addiction

  1. Bobbie

    An excellent combination! It’s so well balanced.

  2. Seems we share two things in common a I love Macro and what is not to love about flowers!

  3. Gorgeous!!

    (Mary Lou…send me your email…I just sent you something and it bounced back?)


  4. Wow! Wow! Frame it and hang it on the wall, now!

  5. Nice, I like the color, composition, and depth of field.

  6. Tammy McChesney

    WOW! A framer for sure! This is just simply beautiful and composed so well! One of my favorites of yours!

  7. It almost looks prickly. Great DOF, color and photo!

  8. Just beautiful! Your depth of field is spot-on; it couldn’t be any better than this, just the right amount of in focus balanced with the soft out-of-focus edges as it fades into the back.

  9. It really is beautifully made. I’ll just echo Julie!

  10. Mary Lou, this is one of my favorites of the Photowalk so far! I love the bokeh with just the hint of circular form to it and the focus on the front center of the flower is so tack sharp. The tilt is really appealing too. Wonderful!

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