My friend’s yard is home to this beautiful Centennial Magnolia tree. I had never seen this variety of magnolia before.



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12 responses to “White

  1. An incredible image of a magnificent flower. The magnolias are just coming into bloom here, but nothing so unique as this bloom.

  2. It’s a prize winner. It is so beautifully processed. I have never seen this flower, and I am so glad that you introduced us to it.

  3. I’ll just echo all of the above! Jens especially, the shadows add so much depth. Is that a star magnolia variety?

  4. The contrast of the B&W is beautiful! Nice sensuous lines to the bloom too. And I agree with Julie on the tight crop – very nice.

  5. So velvety, yet crisp. Just lovely. Didn’t know we could get magnolias up here in the cold!

  6. Just awesome!! Love all the subtle shadows in this image.

  7. boomer3297

    Mary Lou, it’s beautiful in B+W.

  8. Tammy McChesney

    I just commented on this on Facebook…this is a magnolia?? I have never seen one like it either! You captured the essence of these blooms perfectly! The lighting is right on!! This is a winner!

  9. Oh my, Mary Lou. This is a show stopper. I bet you opened this one on your computer and said to yourself, this is EXACTLY the shot I wanted. Really, really excellent, both in composition and in your execution of the black and white. I love the light too. What time of day did you shoot?

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