Mini Assignment #4

Thanks Tammy for this creative assignment!! I’ve never taken a silhouette by choice before. It just happened. I had to put some thought into this one.



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11 responses to “Mini Assignment #4

  1. Hi!
    This is great! That milk can really shows up good up against that barn, with lots of texture. Have a great day!


  2. The iconic shape with the fabulous tones and textures makes such a great image. i hope this gets printed large!

  3. Your thought sure paid off. Beautiful shades, textures and angles.

  4. I find this a really intriguing silhouette because some detail has been retained in the shadow areas. And as everyone has said, the tones and textures are lovely. Great capture, Mary Lou.

  5. I love the subtle change of hues and shades. Beautifully done, Mary Lou!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I love the barn wood texture – (I’m guessing this is a barn door??) and the silhouette is stunning.

  7. boomer3297

    Tammy said what I was thinking, also love the blue tones.
    Marylou, I’m having trouble getting into the guest blog for part 2, do you have to unlock me?

  8. a great silouette, an old-fashioned wiew that makes me think of the benches of that kind standing by the roads here, former used for milk-pickup but now just a reminder of old times. Many of the owners decorates them with flowers and other stuff,

  9. Turned out marvelously!! The rich textured woods really set it off! I have one of those milk cans….really must photograph it.

  10. A very fun shot – I’m getting inspired to try this challenge myself.

  11. Tammy McChesney

    Oh Mary Lou this is fabulous…love the simple shape along w/ all of that incredible texture! Awesome!

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