I got Photomatix Pro a year ago and processed one photograph (not bracketed) which turned out just simply awful!! When Mike wrote the Guest Blogger article this month I decided I was going to try it again using some bracketed photographs. This is my first attempt with 3 bracketed images. It was interesting to see how everything pulled together.

Comments and advice appreciated.



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10 responses to “Doors

  1. I love the texture of the rough cut wood, wonderful color. It does have a painterly look.

  2. boomer3297

    Love those textures and colors! You might want to try to increase some contrast locally especially to the right of the door to give it more dimension!
    Nice Mary Lou

  3. This is fabulous. The HDR processing really brought out the textures and colors.

  4. This is very striking. I think you did quite a fine job!

  5. Bobbie

    This is just fantastic–the colors and the textures are so distinct.

  6. It looks more like a painting than a photo, Looks like you used the artistic filters from Photoshop.

  7. I love it! Look at all that texture and burnishing the tone-mapping brought out in the wood! And, the colors are wonderful. I like that you kept a small amount of shadowing, but wonder if even more might have been nice. It’s fun to play with, isn’t it?

  8. Wonderful old door and the photo looks a bit like a painting

  9. I can’t give advice on process since I’ve (thus far) avoided the Photomatrix addition/curse, but I can say that I really like the results. It’s got a very painterly quality about it that is appealing.

  10. Is that an Ingress or an Egress, or do I digress, the newness is startling amid all that age.

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