HDR #2 done with 3 bracketed exposures in Photomatix per Mike’s detailed article. This is the second image I’ve edited in LR2. So being a novice with both programs I need help!!

I have a couple of concerns. First, I wasn’t sure on the crop due to the corner of the roof sticking out yet I really didn’t want to clone it out because I felt it would change the mood of the image. Secondly, since this building was created to be old-looking I didn’t want to end up with colors that were too vibrant which I think I did.

I need some critiquing on this!!

Please enlarge to get the full effect.



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10 responses to “Windows

  1. I think it looks great. I have a tendency to like HDR when it looks natural ( depending on the scene). I am not sure in my mind that if you cut down on exposure and add contrast if it would make it look sur-real. If it still looks natural then its a go. IMHO

  2. I read the comments before the image finally loaded up. If I’d seen the image first, I’d have said “Wow! Awesome”. Having read the comments, now I’d say..”Wow! Awesome! Add a little more contrast.” I think those comments are right on.

  3. I guess I am the odd man out I love the softness as I have never been a fan of harsh contrasty light. As far as the jutting out of the roof I think it adds an asymmetrical element that is more interesting than if it weren’t there.

  4. More contrast would be nice. I really like the bit of the roof breaking up the symmetry.

  5. Very nice! I second the motion for a bit of added contrast, and like Julie suggested, dial down the exposure just a little. I like the colors but it seems like the brightness is too even across the entire scene.

  6. Tammy McChesney

    I would crop it a little closer in and add a vignette…this is a great HDR for being new to both programs…looks like you are an old pro!

  7. Great result Mary Lou. I second the more contrast request.

  8. Bobbie

    This is a fascinating image. To me, the first wonder is that you found the scene in the first place. The second on is that the processing works so well for it, giving it just the right faded touch to work with the antique nature of the subject.

  9. I like it! I’d just like to see more contrast and I’d probably drop the overall exposure too. Use the exposure slider at the top of the develop panel in LR then give the tone curve a bit of a “s” shape for the contrast. I’d add a nice vignette too – that’s at the bottom of the develop panel.

    How do you like working with Photomatix compared to Topaz?

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