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11 responses to “Beverage

  1. Oh my, this is amazing!!! I love the grungy texture. I’d love that on my wall!!!
    I would love to see a section of the sign cropped in…like the top left quarter…
    I have to get over my macro addiction LOL

  2. Bobbie

    All the different grungy textures are just fantastic.

  3. boomer3297

    Iconic symbol, well captured.

  4. Ian

    very good!!!! Where did you find this old sign??

  5. I love these old advertising signs. Your composition works really well and the processing is perfect in bringing out the textures of the various surfaces.

  6. The colors and geometric elements are delicious! This one is very appealing.

  7. Not sure that I would want to drink one that old, but great job on the theme!!

  8. Great and a nice old Cokesign. Matches the surroundig with patin of lldness (if you understand what I mean…)

  9. Tammy McChesney

    Love this…the textures and colors are so appealing! Love that old coke sign as well…love your processing!

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