Old Fashioned

Anyone remember these?



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9 responses to “Old Fashioned

  1. That sums up the theme for sure!

  2. boomer3297

    Nice processing and I’ll bet that thing weighted a ton.

  3. Can you imagine the time it must have taken to type a letter on one of those? Great choice of processing for this vintage machine.

  4. Bobbie

    Aged B&W is the perfect finish for this antique.

  5. Oh my…from my typing class in Jr. high! 😛

  6. Really a good photo of this old machine,and a goodlooking one as well 🙂 I remember playing with one (yes I am that old) and the letters got stuck as well as the ribbon with color…..


  7. Danudin

    Is that an early computer keyboard Mary Lou, I am far too young to remember back any further than that, however I did read that a long time ago there were people called Lady Typewriters! LOL

  8. Tammy McChesney

    Wonderful processing on an old memory!!

  9. I do…and I love the sound they make as they go back to the beginning of the next line. 🙂

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