Friday Photowalk Tip ~ Lines

I originally posted this as Yellow and then decided since it was really the lines that I was after I would change the theme to Lines.



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10 responses to “Friday Photowalk Tip ~ Lines

  1. Ian

    Very good!! I would think twice before getting on those tracks!!!

  2. regularman

    Great treatment and perspective Mary Lou! I really like this one.


  3. Tammy McChesney

    Incredible details Mary Lou, and wow the depth is fantastic in this…the lines just carry us through the image!

  4. This looks GREAT on a computer! Love the processing.

    Where’s the rest of it, though?

    (PS: What happened with your car???)

    • When I saved it for the web it compressed it and it lost some of the width. I’m hoping that won’t happen when I start using LR.

      My car was fine!!

  5. Wow – those lines really suck you into the picture. I really like the way you captured them heading off into infinity.

  6. I much prefer it as Lines rayher than Yellow????

  7. Neat shot, Mary Lou. And I like the processing. I think the detail is reasonable in the original actually so can’t help with your question.

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