The Chicago Vietnam Memorial was dedicated on Veteran’s Day in 2005. It was very moving to be standing in front of this beautiful tribute to the men and women from Illinois who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

Please enlarge.



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9 responses to “Emotions

  1. So nicely shot, I’m glad we went down those stairs.
    As an aside I hope all is going well with Mr. Mary Lou’s recovery.

  2. Nice shot of this peaceful place.

    Did you take this in Sports mode? 😉

  3. It brings out emotion and contemplative thoughts. It may just be that the lines of architectural images are hard to shoot but it’s looking just the very slightest bit tilted to the right to me. In LR, there is a tool you may want to try. In the Develop mode, click on the cropping grid near the top. In the drop down menu that appears there is a little icon (down a bit on the left) that looks like a ruler. If you click that and draw a line with it along anything that should be horizontal or vertical it will rotate the photo to set that line straight.

  4. Tammy McChesney

    Emotional and beautiful at the same time…it just looks so peaceful and soothing! Wonderful capture Mary Lou!

  5. The one in DC is where I went one time and it ripped my heart out. I know a few people who were there. This is a great shot of the memorial.

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