I’ve been trying for several years to get a shot of a Hydrangea that I was happy with. This might just be the one!!



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7 responses to “Blue

  1. I do like the original better, and the red does add a nice contrast. The water droplets add a nice touch but I’m a bit distracted by the mud that splashed up. The elusive perfect Hydrangea shot is something I keep pursuing too!

  2. Wonderful color and great perspective!

  3. Out of the three this one (the original) is my favorite…I think the greenery and the hints of reds bring out that brilliant blue that much more! Beautifully done…I think you mastered your goal! 🙂

  4. Hydrangea are so pretty. I like your color saturation and the nice punchy contrast with the red flowers. I might have included less of the hydrangea in the background and cropped more to a 5×7 in order to focus attention on the main bloom.

    • It was my first crop in LR and I knew I cropped it poorly plus I had a hard time exporting it!! I’ll go back to the drawing board and try again. thanks for your input.

  5. I think you would definitely be satisfied with this, it is great and how wonderful the blue color is on those flowers

  6. And happy you should be. This is lovely! I almost has a waterfall effect, tumbling down between the leaves and red flowers.

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