Blue Redo

Julie suggested I redo the size and cropping on this image. I like the first one better except for the cropping. The color on this one isn’t the same and I like a little more red in the image. Hopefully  I’ll get more seasoned with LR!!



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3 responses to “Blue Redo

  1. I like the first with the colors at about the same intensity and the flow of the composing. You aced the colors in your shot. Hope you keep on liking LR.

  2. I’m for the first version because in that you se the red cyklamens that matches the blue much better and I also like the look of their leafs.

  3. What do you think of the new version? I think I prefer it but now I’m not sure! 😉 I’ve wanted a hydrangea for a long time and finally got my first one planted in the garden this weekend. Mine’s white though.

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