This image needs an explanation because of the complexity. While Ellen, Val and I were strolling along Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, also known as  The Magnificent Mile, we stopped outside the WGN Radio Studio. If you look in the center of the image you will see Steve Cochran’s head. He is the DJ. On the back wall you can see the lighted WGN signs. Moving on to the reflections, I’m on the left, Ellen is next to me, and Val is barely visible. What I really like about this image are the reflections of the buildings behind us. Obviously this photograph is for fun rather than technique!!



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10 responses to “Complex

  1. Ha! So fun and lots going on indeed. Standing a foot from you the reflections in what I shot are pretty different. Need time to go through the shots but I think there is an example of Val “chimping” which she defined for us.

  2. Lots of fun reflections and activities going on in that shot. I really had to search for Steve Chochran’s head – sort of like playing “where’s Waldo?”

  3. Complex reflection I would say:-)

  4. Much better than mine turned out! Great reflections!

  5. Tammy McChesney

    Now this is just plain cool! I love everything going on in this window, I could stare at this for some time and still find something new!

  6. Always interesting to se what reflections in windows can do. sometimes one get a surprise when look ing at tha photos afterwards in the computer

  7. I have no idea what city michigan Avenue is located in, but the reflection makes it look dangerous enough that at least one of you brave souls should have been checking the backs of the other two, I’d go out in fours to keep an eye in all directions, Then you can all take turns to get these pefect shots.

  8. Very cool — so glad to hear others are getting to meet fellow bloggers!

  9. That’s a darn neat shot!

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