After a torrential downpour yesterday the sun came out and I saw this beautiful rose in my friend’s garden.

For full fragrance please enlarge this image!!



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8 responses to “Beauty

  1. The water droplets are fabulous. Beautiful picture.

  2. I think everyone above said it all! Wonderful.

  3. A stunner….you should be off to buy a frame for this one. The drops are fabulous!

  4. Ian

    Beautifull in deed! Love the droplets as well.

  5. How to describe it? Well, your title says it all. Beauty….

  6. That is a stunner, the water drops on those glowing blush petals is perfect. I’ve joked before about how there should be a scratch and sniff widget….

  7. Tammy McChesney

    I love how soft and delicate those petals are, also love the soft curves!

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