I thought this statue was so well done. It is the essence of peaceful relaxation.



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7 responses to “Peaceful

  1. There is nothing more peaceful than reading a book. Though, I do think you have to be kind of young to stretch out like this on the ground! I like what “artlover” says about the composition… he (or she) is right.

  2. a perfect way to spend a summer day. She looks great and I like the light that gives shades on her

  3. Wonderful shot of a wonderful statue. Looks like a perfect pastime for a lazy summer afternoon.

  4. Just where I would prefer to be! I love it.

  5. The composition is good for the theme, diagonally down the body and head and lower legs weighing up the whole thing.

  6. What a marvelous statue and you caught it just right. I like the perspective and the mottled sunlight. She picked a great spot for a good book…

  7. Tammy McChesney

    How I would love to be that statue right about now! Love the perspective of this!

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