This butterfly landed on a young man’s finger just as I was walking by.



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8 responses to “Delicate

  1. Wow! I would say that if you were able to get such a completely clear and detailed photo on such a spur of the moment, that you really know how to use your camera. I’d be so excited, I’d be all thumbs.

  2. The subject of this image is so unusual and interesting. I love the butterfly on the finger! Everything has such perfect detail.

  3. Nice closeup Mary Lou, LOL dont listen to Ron.

  4. Mike

    Timing is everything, isn’t it. Nice capture!

  5. Tammy McChesney

    He is a beauty, Mary Lou! Those colors are just outstanding…another award winner!

  6. Outstanding capture, Mary Lou!

  7. I cam’t get them to sit still on a smelly thing, and you whistle and they come and sit on your finger, AND YOU WON”T SHARE THE SECRET!
    You aren’t the nice person everyone thinks you are!
    Mr Green Eyes.

  8. Ian

    This 1 is pretty. There is a place called “Butterfly world” that is close to our home, it is my daughter’s favourite place!!

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