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11 responses to “Fragile

  1. Oh, this has got to be one of my favourites. Just beautiful Mary Lou. DoF perfect!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, the butterfly and the flowers all so very delicate.

  3. Stunning – the colors and composition are super (how’d you get that butterfly to cooperate like that?)

  4. This is just so beautiful. The colors are wonderful, and the details on the butterfly are stunning.

  5. Tammy McChesney

    Wow, so pretty and so well done…this is one beauty of an image!

  6. great butterfly shot, so sharp and with lots of details

  7. Excellent capture! You’ve got so much detail going there.

  8. This is truely a stunner, love the detail and all the color in this!

  9. It’s a dirty trick Mary Lou, I am envious of your butterfly shot but don’t go claiming credit for getting me to comment on a smelly thing – I won’t do it I tell you!

  10. Wow! Such amazing detail in the flutterby and the centaurea. You made them pop so well from the background. Hope it is printed!

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