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9 responses to “Five

  1. Hi!
    I like this shot! She’s beautiful standing there posed and ready to leap. Have a great day!


  2. I can picture you tilting your head back to capture this image. Wonderful sky that really makes this something special!

  3. Just beautiful. Great contrast between the dark statue and the beautiful blue sky.

  4. Such a wonderful sculpture! and the sky beyond is perfect…

  5. I like the dark against the bright blue sky.Very nice, I love the statues, they are so different in styles and textures.

  6. Tammy McChesney

    Now that is using your eyes…I would have never saw “five”….you are good!

    I do like this…it looks like she is jumping from cloud to cloud!

  7. That looks like an Angel but the shadows give it a dark quality that I am not sure I like, what does it look like in full light please?

    • Ron, it looks pretty much the same because of the angle of the sun.

      • Go back and shoot it in more even light, LOL hope you don’t mind the comment, but it is a striking shot, which put me slightly ill at ease. And isn’t that why we do it! I think Tammy is wrong, the figure seems Ceraphin like, (male but more young male)

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