Superdawg has by far the best hot dogs in all of Chicagoland. Maurie and Flaurie are the owners and the 12 foot icons on the top of the drive-in are named after them. Superdawg has been featured on the Travel Channel many times and if you are ever in the area don’t miss going there.



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9 responses to “Pair

  1. Beautiful colours as are all your compositions……..

  2. More hot dog people! Fun shot.

  3. great and colorful , they do have some cute commercial figures 🙂

  4. Oh, that’s a fun shot! I love the vivid colors!

  5. Great angle on this shot – the just jump out against the sky.

  6. Tammy McChesney

    Bright, vivid and FUN! This makes me smile!

  7. This just cracked me up!! Nice, bright shot. Done with your new toy??

  8. Those kids should come down from the roof, they don’t even have an umbrella to parachute down with! Fun Shot.

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