In my excitement to photograph these Clydesdales I stepped right under the fence line and much to my surprise there was an electric fence buried in the ground. The shock went from my left big toe, up my leg to my arm and all the way down into my fingers. So much for getting too close to private property!!



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11 responses to “Shock

  1. Beautiful composition and colour. Hope you are ok after your shocking experience!

  2. What we must go through to get great photos. This guy is a winner.

  3. That is a beautiful! shot! I love your composition here, how you filled the frame and just included the front of the horse. Sorry you got zapped-can’t imagine the current they use for these big guys. Hope you’ve recovered with no lasting effects.

  4. Electrifying! Love those giant furry feet and that great strong shadow. Talk about suffering for one’s art…

  5. Yikes! But you still managed to get the shot! Nice image.

  6. Ooh…snap! Not what you want to hear! Is your hair curlier now?

    Nice image, though. At least it was worth the zap!

  7. Scary but you sure got a good photo of the horse 🙂

  8. Mike

    It’s all good, that’s why these new lenses have vibration control. It obviously worked for this shot:)

  9. Tammy McChesney

    Oh nooooooo…..the things we do for a superb picture (as this one is)! I have to say, this image just makes me smile (but not your story)….good thing you were not standing in a puddle 😦

  10. That shows the danger of being over enthusiastic, when as a photographer you know that observation is EVERYTHING. There must have been a sign! But worth the pain to snap the mane!
    Love this image.

  11. That is one cool picture and even better for the story! I hope you have recovered and don’t end up with a fear of ponies!

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