For Rent

You really have to be clever in today’s economy!!



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8 responses to “For Rent

  1. Yummy……..I love bakeries and this shot is so crisp and clear. Nice one!

  2. Very clever indeed! I love how you filled the frame too and hope this works for the owners.

  3. Oops – hit “enter” too quick. I wanted to add that I like how you filled the frame with the sign so the photo became all about the sign and it’s message and became more than just a snapshot of a sign.

  4. Very clever and I like your composition on this!

  5. Very creative! Nice catch. I could use a bakery right about now…one with a warm cinnamon roll in it…

  6. Very clever! I wonder if they’ve got a tenant yet?

  7. Tammy McChesney

    Ha, Ha very funny Ron!

    Actually that is a great pitch, and what a fun find!

  8. Is that one of Tammy’s pitches?

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