Happy Hour

…or not so happy!!



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8 responses to “Happy Hour

  1. needlepointernc

    Such a great shot and they sure don’t look “happy”! Is she drinking all those drinks?

  2. Ellen stole my line!!!! (Great, Chicago-born minds think alike!!)

  3. Great crop on this picture and I like how the drinks are out in front. They look unhappy, though.

  4. These assessments of the image cracks me up….this is a fun picture to conjure up ideas of what is going on…

  5. Looks like maybe the “Cougar” struck out!!

  6. He’s just met his blind date and he found out it’s his mother.

  7. Are they watching a Cubs game?

  8. Unhappy Hour is the period while your waiting for the prices to fall during the HAPPY hour.

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