Starbucks…yummy!! Sushi…not so much!!



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8 responses to “Dinner

  1. I can TASTE it from here.

  2. Iced coffee does seem an odd combo. The sushi looks good to me , nice echo in the table top menu.

  3. Sushi and beer, sushi and sake, sushi and tea, but sushi and Starbucks strikes me as a bit odd….

  4. Mike

    No sushi for me, but like the shot.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Great picture, love that pink what ever it is. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t think I’d tackle the Sushi either. But love the picture. Have a great day!


  6. A woman after my own heart (or taste buds…). The photo of the sushi is so pretty as to entice OTHER PEOPLE to eat it all up! 😀

  7. Great colors here, but I’m not eating any of that sushi stuff.

  8. I’m with you, I’d do a Starbucks everyday (and I’d also run from the sushi everyday LOL)…fun take though and great colors!

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