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“Self Portrait”

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Mary Lou. I have been interested in photography for a number of years but more so in the past 6 or 7 years. My friends would tell you that whenever I’m at home I’m always on my computer either working on my photographs or doing something photography related. As you can see in my “self portrait” I really am on my computer!!



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Macro #1 ~ Answer

It’s a papaya!!

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Macro #1

I’ve had my macro, 105 mm, lens for about a year and have not been happy with many of my images. I’ve decided to use it as much as I can so I can improve my skills.

I would appreciate any comments on how to better my images.

Oh…and do you know what this is?


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What Is It ~ Answer

Click here for the answer!!

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Patterns Redo After Comments

Several weeks ago there were several suggestions about possible changes to my Patterns post. There was also a request to see the image in it’s entirety. It took me a while to make the changes but here they are!!

Color Boosted

Black and White

Full Frame


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What Is It?

Great guesses!! A Microplane grater/zester it is!!


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I wish I could say this is an outside shot but it’s not!!


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